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The scariest words a brand-new college lecturer can hear in the middle of August



"You don’t have a problem planning a course for fall semester, right?"

Been there and done that.  You’ll be fine.  Just remember, you know more than they do.  Be authoritative but not unapproachable. Put it all in the syllabus so they have no excuse and very best of luck.

Great advice! One advantage is that this a theory class in my field of specialty (as opposed to my spring courses, which are a lot of fun to plan, but are not anywhere near my dissertation topic.) I just hope that none of my friends are enrolled, the way some are for my spring classes. So much easier to put up the pretense that this class was worked out after long deliberation if no one knows my tells. :-)

Must be a sign...


To remember to embrace life…no matter all the shitty stuff that may be happening in it at the moment. For there will come a day when we don’t wake up and therefore, cannot tell people that we love them and they count to us!!

A portion of the “Other Brother’s” ashes arrived today. Luckily, so did…

I feel so privileged to be your guide! Looking forward to next week…


Anybody willing to picspam me? Anybody?

Love to see Trevor Eve, Kevin Whately, Philip Glenister, John Nettles, Michael Palin

Or anything LotR, BSG, STTNG, STDS9, MASH

So…anybody feeling like filling up my dashboard, because…well…reasons

Well, I’ll prime the pump. Trevor Eve carrying people, anyone?

And for the sheer cuteness factor…

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frakcancer Are you okay????

Thanks for the concern. So far everyone’s fine. We’ve got it easy; in the area where I live there are far fewer problems than, say where themagicm does. I only have to be concerned when I go to work or school.

Thoughts during a bombing

onesimus42 said:

You could always do private cataloging. Weren’t you the one working at the dude’s house that walked around in his underwear?

You’re right, I did. I think I prefer the bombs. :-)

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Thoughts during a bombing

Standing in the shelter, I suddenly realize: Every time I’ve been caught in a bomb alert I’ve been in a library, with one exception — when I was driving to a library. Maybe making a career move into libraries wasn’t the safest option I could have picked.







Found out that there is a Hebrew term for a girl crush on an unavailable woman in a position of power.

It’s now the most useful word in my vocabulary.

What is it?!

תסבוכת pronounced tisbochet

literally, “a…

LOL, this is even funnier knowing that it comes from a religious person! I do believe that the correct translation would be complex, right?

According to both Morfix and Rav-Milim it’s complexity, not complex. Complication also works.